Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Rodopi

The chamber of Professionals and Handicrafts of Rodopi

The chamber of Professionals and Handicrafts of Rodopi was established by a Royal Decree issued on 29 May/19 June 1939 (Gazetta A’ /247/19.06.1939). Is a legal person of public law and operates under the supervision of Ministry of Finance and Development.  As an institutionalized advisory body it provides consultation and submits memoranda to the state and relevant bodies, with documented proposals and opinions to address problems faced by businesses that it represents and to a greater extent the national economy.

the Chamber participates with representatives in committees of general and particular interest which aim to protect the interests of the productive classes of the region it represents. It studies the development of standardization; grants registration and products origin certificates for its members;  records the commercial and business customs;  provides information in respect of developments in foreign markets to its members and the State; takes all the necessary steps to keep updated the Commercial Registry by exercising the relevant duties.

In collaboration with other bodies following the proposal of the Board of Directors, the Chamber undertakes the decision of  Minister of Finance and Development to manage industrial and free zones shopping centres, permanent exhibitions and exhibition stands, stations, general stores, laboratory analysis and examination of goods. It can also conduct valuations and samplings, solve trade disputes by arbitration based on a list drawn up every two years and also applies to judicial and administrative authorities. It organizes seminars and educational programs and grants certificates. It sponsors its members and it provides the professional experience of any kind in Greece or Abroad.

The board Directors is composed of 21 members who are elected by the members of the Chamber. The board of Directors discusses the important issues of trade processes and service, approves the budget and decides on any issue related to the Chamber activity. The chamber employs five (5) full time working personnel. he Chamber is allowed to incorporate not for profit companies, that do not belong to the public sector. It can incorporate these companies either independently or with other bodies to the use of its own funds or EU funds. The purpose of these actions is to develop information technology, lifelong learning, including training and education and training of their members or third parties, in accordance with the provisions of the law N.3369/2005 (Gazette A’ 171). It publishes magazines or books or it subsidizes publications with mainly economic content.

The Chamber of Professionals and Handicrafts  has participated in the project 2010- Leonardo Da Vinci 2010 -1-GR1-LEO03-0407-0

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rodopi

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